Mina Glory Myrrh Soap (90g)

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MINA glory Myrrh Soap & Skin Diseases Soap enriched with natural ingredients of Herbs and Oils includes Myrrh Gum, Pine Oil, and Beeswax.

How to use:

  • Rub the soap by hand with water to extract the appropriate amount of foam.
  • Massage the face with soapy foam for two minutes.
  • Wash the face with cold or warm water as desired.
  • Maintain using for maximum benefits
  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin.
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Myrrh Gum: Priceless Natural BenefitsMyrrh Gum is an oil-like substance secreted from a specific type of plant called (Commiphora Myrrh), which is especially widespread in the Middle East. It has many health and beauty benefits, the most important of which are natural types of antioxidants, which work to reduce and neutralize harmful oxidation processes in the body, and also help protect the body from being negatively affected by external factors such as pollution, eliminate the spasms,  get rid of scars resulting from wounds, or skin surgery. 

Pine Oil:  Natural AntioxidantPine contains a resin that extracted in the form of turpentine oil, which is of great importance in treating/protecting from some medical conditions and reducing infection in others, such as such as: wounds, burns, boils, sores, muscle and nerve pain, Rheumatic. its an active substance against swelling, inflammation, pain and against the growth of fungi and bacteria. 

Beeswax: Moisturization, Protection, and Many Advantages For Body– The most prominent benefits of beeswax are related to moisturizing, as it is rich in Vitamin A and has a miraculous natural ability to attract moisture from the surrounding environment to the skin, and lock it inside to avoid losing moisture, all without blocking skin pores.-  Beeswax stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, tightens its tissues, resists early aging symptoms and pimples, stimulates healing of wounds & burns, skin peeling, Acne, scars, hemorrhoids, Anal fissures, diaper rash, Ringworm, Tinea Versicolor – Psoriasis – Eczema.


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Mina Glory Myrrh Soap (90g)

25.00 AED

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