Mina Glory Glow Cream (50ml)

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MINA glory Glow Cream with face brightener cream with natural ingredients of herbs & oils rich in snail shells and sea algae.

How to use:

Apply “at evening time” an appropriate amount on the face after cleansing, massage it well, and leave it until the morning.

Maintain on frequent use for maximum benefits.

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Snail Extract: The Golden Liquid Rich in Collagen

Snail extract, known as “golden liquid”, is produced from the gel-like substance that snails excrete as a white liquid that contains large amounts of collagen. This extract gives the skin outstanding smoothness, freshness, and rejuvenation. besides,  it is efficient to delay wrinkles appearance, treating acne and skin infections, moisturizing the skin, and ridding it of pigmentation.

Cherry Oil: Properties For Skin Glowing

Cherry contains a varied dose of vitamins necessary for glowing and healthy skin, such as vitamins A, C, B, and E, hence the benefits of cherries for skin and hair, such as preventing skin cancer, combating wrinkles & aging signs, skin lightening, nourishing and rejuvenation.

Sea Algae: Important Minerals and Elements For Skin

Algae is a dark-colored and thin plant which although an important source of food for sea creatures, is also a very beneficial source for human consumption, since having a high nutritional value for the body & skin, as all kinds of sea algae are very rich in minerals and nutrients, which is vital to improving skin appearance and fighting aging skin signs.


Mina Glory

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Mina Glory Glow Cream (50ml)

128.00 AED

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