Mina Glory Frankincense Cream (50ml)

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Mina glory Frankincense Cream Nutritious and skin layers repairer with natural Ingredients of Herbs & Oil Rich in Frankincense, Sweet Almond Oil and Indian Costus

How to use:

  • Apply “at evening time” an appropriate amount on the face after cleansing, and leave it until the morning.
  • Maintain on frequent use for maximum benefits.
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Sweet Almond Oil: Treatment & Prevention For The Skin Almond Oil is a pale-yellow liquid, similar in composition to olive oil, extracted by pressing the almond kernel fruits, which is one of the famous nuts that contains a distinguished source of benefits for skin health.

– ANTI Radiation protects the skin from harmful rays that lead to skin cells destruction for breast cancer women who are under radiation treatment exposure.

-Protecting skin health, for its role of protecting the body from UV damage, which causes skin aging, signs, wrinkles, and skin cancers risk.

– Promoting skin beauty, for the efficiency role in calming skin, treating wounds, treating eczema and psoriasis. It is also a natural emollient for dry skin and helps enhance skin tone and balance between moisture absorption and water loss.

 – Anti-Bacterial, that may cause Acne as of its content of vitamin A, Vitamin E, and fatty acids.

Chamomile Oil: Minerals & Vitamins for Moisturizing, Glowing and Skin-Tone Unification

Chamomile Oil helps moisturize the skin and provide it with needed minerals and vitamins to maintain its freshness and effectively contributes in unifying the skin-tone and getting rid of dark circles. Chamomile Oil has also many benefits such as treating acne and eczema – fighting rashes and scars.

Frankincense:  All Related Beauty Factors In One Frankincense is a resinous substance secreted by the trunk of the Boswellia tree, collected after being hardened naturally. Among its great benefits:

– Maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of the skin

– Protecting the skin from pigmentation and dark spots, especially with age.  

–Renewing skin cells, thus maintaining its vitality and freshness, so that it looks healthy and young.

– Lightening of pigmentation with continuous use.

 – Treating acne as containing astringent substances that speed up the acne healing process.

– Assisting scars healing, minor wounds, and scratches, due to the regeneration process and rebuilding of skin cells.

– Contributing to preventing some types of cancers, as frankincense oil contains beta-element, and this substance has shown its ability to prevent the growth of cancer cells.


Mina Glory

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Mina Glory Frankincense Cream (50ml)

118.00 AED

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