DILMAH Green Tea Bags Chamomile 20/2g/6

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Chamomile flowers, no additives

“A delicate herbal tea, delicate with wonderful aroma and mildly sweet finish.

Supremely light with a delicate floral aroma. A mildly herbal taste is complemented by hints of green apple and a fragrant and lightly sweet finish. Best enjoyed straight, delicious with apple pie!”

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Number 01 tea from Sri Lanka. 

Merrill J. Fernando dedicated his life to tea, when in the 1950s, he witnessed the industry heading towards commoditization. He decided that in the interest of tea drinkers, and the crop that his country produced with so much care, he would fight this. It took him nearly four decades and in 1985 he launched his own brand, Dilmah. It was the first producer owned tea brand that would offer tea hand picked and packed at origin (where it’s grown), ensuring great taste and natural goodness; making it one of the finest teas of the world



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DILMAH Green Tea Bags Chamomile 20/2g/6

10.00 AED

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