WAVES is a fun, chic and colorful Sri Lankan made flip flop collection named after the beauty of Sri Lanka. Using the magical paradise, Sri lanka, as the backdrop and inspiration, we create the WAVES flip flops to be the perfect blend of a relaxed seaside lifestyle with the sophistication of city glamour.

The romance between Waves and Sri Lanka’s incredible, beauty doesn’t end there. Devoted to leave no scars on the very nature that inspires us, the substances and the activities used in the making of Waves are selected with utmost care. Therefore, Waves is crafted entirely from genuine Sri Lankan rubber grown in the fertile slopes that run parallel to the rolling hills of the island. This rubber is harvested, treated and crafted into comfortable flip-flops using material and processes that meet the highest compliances and leave no trace on the natural world around us. This has placed Waves among the rare few all-natural rubber flip-flops in the world. With the average flip-flops contributing to a massive component of the plastic waste that goes into landfill and our oceans, Waves takes a stand against contaminating nature’s life fluid that nourishes us all

In the making of Waves flip-flops Sri Lanka’s essence is captured in even more ways. With our farmers, harvesters, makers, technicians and craftsmen, Waves embraces one of the most beautiful facets of Sri Lanka- her people. Our rubber is sourced from faraway plantations that employ people from local villages. From our smiling farmers who grow rubber with a careful combination of traditional methods and new technology, to harvesters that often come from families who engaged in the craft for a few generations, to our new-age technicians and designers who ensure quality, fantastic aesthetic and comfort, our team brings forward the best of Sri Lanka and her people. Waves in return, takes immense pride in employing them, creating incredible opportunities to many men, women and their families across the island

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