Panda Baby – Nature’s Beauty Creation 

A truly iconic brand, Panda Baby is trusted by mothers and deeply loved by children. It is also Sri Lanka’s only baby care brand to be clinically tested for mildness, pediatrician-tested and dermatologist-tested in USA, ensuring the highest quality and safety for your little ones.

The brand’s truly symbolic Panda character is phenomenally loved and treasured by children and is synonymous with care, friendship, playful excitement and adventure. It is our great honour and privilege to bring such joy and imaginative wonder to the hearts and minds of your little ones every day.

Panda Baby is also proud to be Sri Lanka’s most certified baby care brand and the only Sri Lankan brand to be Clinically Tested for Mildness, Pediatrician-Tested & Dermatologist-Tested in USA at a USA FDA registered testing facility. Such prestigious testing guarantees the superior quality of Panda Baby formulas, and is a testament to its international excellence in safety.

Trust in our premium quality standards, along with a 100% guarantee that none of our Panda Baby products contain mineral oil, has also ensured the success of Panda Baby as an international baby care brand and a favorite choice of mothers in overseas countries as well.

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