My name is Maudé. I am a South African fashion/interior designer living as an expat in Dubai.

Over a year ago, I decided to design and developed my own clothing label and to start with a baby clothing line. I am a firm believer that every little baby’s life matters, as it is a gift from above that is worth celebrating.

I was introduced to bamboo fabric by friends and loved it so much that it naturally became my first choice of fabric for the baby clothing range. I also wanted to give Moms living in the desert in Dubai an alternative choice to baby clothing than the normal cotton and synthetic fabrics. That’s how MAUVEmini, my baby BAMBOO clothing label, was born.

Our basic wardrobe essentials for babies are minimalistic and trendy in design to keep your baby comfortable, while clothes are practical and easy to put on and take off. Our baby range is available in a selection of beautiful soft pastel colours in the softest, stretchy bamboo rayon and come in sizes ranging from newborn to 12 months. As MAUVEmini grows, so will the range of our products in terms of sizes, styles and collections.

Why we choose BAMBOO fabric?

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fibers harvested on the planet today. It is also biodegradable, a property, which becomes increasingly important. MAUVEmini baby collection is made from 95% Rayon from bamboo and 5% elastane. This combination is exceptionally soft, comfortable, stretchy and hypoallergenic, which makes it the perfect fabric choice for your baby’s sensitive skin. Other amazing reasons why we use bamboo fabric is that it is antibacterial, absorbent, breathable, and antistatic. It is warm and snuggly during cold winters and cool in summer.

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