Kupiec Rice Cakes With Sesame (90g) Poland

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Addition of pumpkin seeds enriches the rice cake with a new, more crunchy texture | It’s ideal as a light dessert, e.g. when combined with creamy cheese, jam or fresh fruits | The product is gluten-free.

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Whole Grain Brown Rice, Corn (With Germ Removed), Sugar, Fructose, | Malt Dextrin, Natural Flavour, Caramel Colour, Salt, Soy Lecithin and Sesame Seeds | The kupiec rice cakes with sesame are extra thinner, crispier and delicate, made from unprocessed brown rice. | Ideal for anyone who is on a diet, these low sugar, gluten free cakes is the best choice. | This quick snack between meals can be a healthy replacement for white bread.



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Kupiec Rice Cakes With Sesame (90g) Poland

9.00 AED

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