Aashirvaad Iodised Salt – 1Kg

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AASHIRVAAD Iodized Salt is obtained by first, evaporating sea water or brine in shallow basins by sunlight and wind for 3 weeks. When the water evaporates, a salt bed forms at the bottom of the basin. This salt is then collected, and put through an elaborate cleansing process and finally, enriched with Iodine to take care of your family’s Iodine requirements.

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AASHIRVAAD Iodized salt’s 4 step advantage is what gives your meals a balanced, original taste – free of any impurities. We take extra care to ensure that only quality salt reaches your home. Simply because we know that it is the only way you would have it!



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Aashirvaad Iodised Salt - 1Kg

6.00 AED

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